Soybean Aphid Genome is Sequenced

March 26, 2017
soybean aphid

The Michel lab leads multi-state effort to sequence the entire soybean aphid genome.  This research is now published in the journal Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and is currently available online at :  This genome represents the 4th aphid species with a completely described genome (in addition to the pea aphid, Russian wheat aphid, and green peach aphid). This will further advance the ability to identify soybean aphid genes responsible for overcoming resistant soybean, and hopefully lead to a wider use of resistant soybean. This work represents a tremendous effort and collaborations among my laboratory, OSU and land-grant universities, many of which are located within the North Central Region. Our genome was constructed from soybean aphids collected across the NC Region, from collaborators participating in the soybean aphid research group, led by Dr. Kelley Tilmon.  This research was possible due to the generous support for soybean production research from Ohio Soybean Council and the North Central Soybean Research Program.