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College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

Our committment


Integrate interdisciplinary soybean research towards developing laboratory and field based solutions that improve Ohio soybean production and utilization, enhance soybean producers’ profitability, and position OSU as a recognized leader in soybean research and education in the US


Enhance collaboration among faculty at OSU and to improve soybean research through sharing of knowledge and resources, developing partnerships and implementing new technologies for use in soybean production and utilization

In pursuit of this mission, we will provide:

i)  Midwest soybean producers with recommendations for the most sound, safe, and profitable soybean production practices

ii) The best adapted, high yielding germplasm to resist biotic and abiotic factors that are yield limiting in Ohio, as well as specialty traits to meet growing demand of feed, food, and industrial use of soybean

iii) Scientific framework and strategies to develop and evaluate novel production research solutions for recurring and emerging biotic, abiotic, and economic challenges and opportunities from university and industry partners